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Good News|Leading Asia Group won the 2022 Dongguan Doubling Plan Enterprise



On May 25th, 2022, the Dongguan "Doubling Plan" Working Leading Group Meeting determined the 2022 Dongguan "Doubling Plan" Pilot Enterprises List (521) and 2022 Dongguan Collaborative Doubling Enterprises List (500) with a total of 1,021, of which Lead Asia Group's Lead Asia Electronic Science & Technology Company Limited, Dongguan Lead Asia Intelligent Science & Technology Company Limited, Dongguan Ruiqiao Electric Appliances Company Limited, a total of 3 companies on the list, which has been on the list for 3 consecutive years.

The "Doubling Program" is an important effort to vigorously support the real economy and promote high-quality economic development in Dongguan. Since 2017, Dongguan has selected a number of pilot enterprises and configured targeted support policies to promote the realization of the scale and efficiency of enterprises. Over the past few years, the "Doubling Plan" policy system has been gradually improved, forming a combination of doubling policies from the levels of enterprise operation, technological progress, talent development, and enterprise development to help doubling enterprises continue to grow and run against the wind to achieve "acceleration". Doubling enterprises has gradually become Dongguan in the exploration of high-quality development of the manufacturing industry on the road of a powerful grip, "doubling program" has also become the city's economic development of high-quality a shining "business card".

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Lead Asia Group attaches great importance to the precipitation of technology, innovation and talent training, the group has four business sectors, one is the high-end manufacturing business with Lead Asia Electronics as the core, specializing in research and development, manufacturing fine electronic wire and precision data lines. In Dongguan City, we have 4 national high enterprises, 8 electronic technology manufacturing factories, 3 industrial parks, with an annual output value of billions of yuan; Secondly, we have the high-end saucy wine brewing and sales business with the brand of "Saucy River" as the core, and our brewing base in Guizhou has an annual output of thousands of tons of base wine; Thirdly, we have the industrial park with the brand of "Shenzhen Leader Industrial Park" as the core, which is the most advanced industrial park in China. The third is the industrial park operation and investment incubation business with "Shenzhen Lead Asia Technology Park" as the core, Shenzhen Lead Asia Technology Park is located in Bao'an, Shenzhen, covering an area of nearly 150,000 square meters, and at present, the park is mainly stationed in new energy, medical equipment and other high-tech enterprises; the fourth is the business training business with the South Bay Business School as the main business training business, which focuses on the systematic training for the middle and senior management of the enterprise. In recent years, under the efforts of all the people in Dongguan, the performance has been steadily increasing year after year, and this year has been the third consecutive year on the list of Dongguan Doubling Plan.


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